The Story of the Hang Tight Towel

"Missy had just finished cleaning the kitchen, including hanging the wet towel over the oven handle, when her little boy ran in and pulled it to the floor. She realized at that moment that she wanted a towel to do two things. She wanted it to function as any other towel, AND to stay put when she wanted it to. All WITHOUT using cumbersome buttons, sticky and hard-to-wash Velcro, or breakable Snaps. From this dilemma, the Hang Tight Towel® was born. The patent pending loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, but when you want to secure it for later use, or just decorate your space, it will stay where you want it with a modern look."

Twisted Wares™ features the Hang Tight Towel. Their products are a little bit twisted, just like you!

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